To set up a deposit account for the Masters Spendthrift Trust, please fill-in the following required fields.  A credit/debit card section has been provided, below, to submit the required $600.00 deposit. Please note that ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Upon receipt of the application and deposit, we will set up your trust deposit account and forward to you the following Pre-Currency Exchange Documents: 1) IRS Trust Identification Number (EIN)Letter, 2) Trust Legal Opinion, 3) Appointment of Initial Trustee, 4) Receipt and Acknowledgement of Property Received, 5) Letter of Transfer and Conveyance of Property to the Trustee.

These documents are important, and necessary for you to carry through a Currency Exchange.

Please insure that you have filled out the form in its entirety.

Incomplete forms will not be processed.

Thank you.

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All information is encrypted and confidential.