The Master’s Spendthrift Trust Application

                         “Freedom From Economic Bondage”

Application Instructions:

To purchase the complete copyrighted Master’s Spendthrift Trust, please fill-in the on-line application below.  

Upon receipt of the application, we will, enter your personal information into the 50+ page trust document, and issue it to you, in two versions:

A “digital” version of the trust will be emailed, to you, within hours, so you can, quickly open a Trust Bank Account (different banks require different trust documents to open trust account)

A final “printed and bound” version of the trust will be shipped, directly to you, to be signed and activated

Tips for Completing the Application:

1. Name of the Trust – Select a short professional trust name, ending with Holdings, Group, Ventures,   etc.  (Do not use your name or initials)

2. The “Settlor” – Select a friend (cannot be a relative) to be your Settlor.  This person will sign three trust documents, once you receive and activate the final printed version, of the trust. They have NO liability or interest, in your trust.  Once they sign, their position ends.

3. Beneficiaries – Enter the names of your “Immediate Family” beneficiaries, only.  Once you receive the final printed version, of the trust, you will be able to add as many beneficiaries, as you desire.

4. Credit/Debit Card Payments – We except Visa, Master Card, discover and American Express. We cannot except Pay-Pal payments.  Important: Please be sure that the card transaction “amount” has been authorized, by the card issuer, so it will not be declined

5. The “Co-Trustee” – The Co-Trustee is appointed, using the “Appointment of Trustee” document, located in the “printed and bound” version, of the trust

Please insure that you have filled out the form in its entirety.

Incomplete forms will not be processed.

Thank you.

Click here to download a copy of the application.  Please fill out, scan and email back to