Originally designed by a Harvard attorney, licensed in Texas and New York, specializing in trusts, estates, and taxation, and a Judge in Texas, the Copyrighted Spendthrift Trust is especially popular with professionals, physicians, athletes, entertainers, holders of mineral rights and others with significant exposure to lawsuits, since the trust is a deterrent to being sued and provides asset protection.

The Trust was designed with consideration to the recognized works of Professor Austin Scott, author of the definitive law on trusts, titled “Scott on Trust”, and updated for compliance with the Uniform Trust Code and the Restatement Third of Trusts.

The Copyright Spendthrift Trusts are in compliance with all Internal Revenue Service Statutes and Codes on Estates, Trusts and Beneficiaries, as well as with “Scott on Trust”, the Uniform Trust Code and the Restatement Third of Trust. Relevant IRS code sections are Title 26, Subtitle A, Chapter 1, subchapter 1, Part 1, Sections 59, 67, 543, 553, 927 Subpart A Section 641; Section 643, Subparts A, B, C and D, and including Section 651, Sections 672, 673, 674, 675, 676, 677 and 678. The Spendthrift Trust is recognized by the IRS as a complex, discretionary non-grantor irrevocable Trust.  This Trust is designed to be recognized by the IRS as a legitimate Trust under the IRC.

Master’s Trust is the owner of the Copyright. By using this Copyright, one has the opportunity to protect assets within the Copyrighted Spendthrift. The Copyrighted Spendthrift Trust is a unique opportunity to legally protect those assets that you worked so hard to obtain or plan to acquire.

Because of key factors and characteristics, Master’s Spendthrift Trusts have become the ideal entity for asset protection and tax planning. The copyrighted trust provides tax advantages and ease of management that meets the requirements and standards necessary to enjoy these advantages.

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